Caution! The merge cmdlets might merge incorrectly!

Grumpy NAV Dev

NAV2015 introduced new object merge functionality to ease upgrading of NAV databases dramatically. For information about the cmdlets you could start here:

I reported an issue to Microsoft back in the middle of December 2014, and after more than one month of e-mails back and forth I got this response:

This by design and won’t be fixed. We are applying a 3-way merge on the function body including comments. The 3 merge searches for similar code when doing a merge an the out-commented code gives the best match. The customer would see a similar issue by using other 3-way merge tools like Beyond Compare. The current design also supports merging of comments which can contain valuable information that should also be merge.

I now give up, and instead of trying to convince Microsoft to fix the cmdlets, I instead wish to warn the NAV community about this…

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