Using Google Maps in NAV 2016

This blog post is about how to setup NAV 2016 to use Google Maps as Online Maps.

Since Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 (version 6.0), there is a feature called Online Map, that we could use to open the map to show the location of the Customers, Vendors, etc.

Unfortunately, it will open Bing Maps, and we could not use others than Bing maps, for example Google Maps.

The good news is that NAV 2016 has provided the users with that flexibility to choose the map application.

To use Google Maps as your map application, it is very easy.

First, open Online Map Setup (800) page, and then click on Parameter Setup page:

Online Map Setup.

There you can set the parameter used to throw the parameter from NAV to open the link.

Online Parameter Setup
Online Map Parameter Setup.


There is one record for default. That is for Bing maps.

Looking the pattern, we can use the pattern, to use it for Google maps. The parameters are very obvious, for example:

  • Map Service:{1}+{2}+{6}&v=2&mkt={7}
  • Directions Service:{1}+{2}+{6}~adr.{1}+{2}+{6}&v=2&mkt={7}&rtop={9}~0~0
  • Directions from Location Serv.:{10}_{11}~adr.{1}+{2}+{6}&v=2&mkt={7}&rtop={9}~0~0

Looks so easy, isn’t it?

So, create a new record for your new Google Maps parameter.

How to get the address? Very easy, just open the Google maps on your browser, then copy the web address:,+Wimbledon,+London+SW19+7EG,+UK/@51.42459,-0.2090028,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487608b696bc9bf9:0x9d99e609e3434a5f!8m2!3d51.42459!4d-0.2068141?hl=en

Unfortunately, it just looks not as easy as we thought before. The address is very complex, and I could not figure it out, until I Google it and I found one good article about Google maps parameter, and these are what it will looks like:

  • Map Service:{1}+{2}+{6}
  • Directions Service:{1}+{2}+{6}/{1}+{2}+{6}
  • Directions from Location Serv.:{10}+{11}/{1}+{2}+{6}

Beware that never click on the Insert Default button on the ribbon, since it will erase ALL of the parameters, and then will overwrite it with the default Bing maps parameter!

Insert Default.png
Never click Insert Default button!


Look at the Online Map Substitution Parameter FactBox at the right hand corner, and it will describe what is the meaning of those number parameters:

Online Map Substitution Parameter FactBox

Don’t forget to change the Map Parameter Setup Code to your new Google Maps parameter:

Online Map Setup Google.png
Change Map Parameter Setup Code to your new Google parameter.


Finally, let’s try open the Vendor card, and then click Online Map on Navigate:

Click Online Map button on Vendor Card


And then, voila! It will open Google Maps, instead of Bing! 😉

Google Maps for Vendor 10000.png
Google Maps will open, instead of Bing

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